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Modelowanie stężenia ozonu w niskiej troposferze na przykładzie Nowego Sącza
Aura (1999)
  • Marek Bogacki
  • Marek Mazur
  • Robert Oleniacz

The paper presents the results of research related to the modeling of physicochemical phenomena occurring in the ground layer of the atmosphere in terms of ozone formation. For this purpose, the box model was used, in which the computational area is defined as a space designated by a steady surface and a variable height. Conducted in Nowy Sącz (Poland) experiment confirmed the possibility of using this type of model to diagnose and possibly forecasting ozone concentrations in any area of ​​calculation. The study also showed that the quality of the results depends mainly on accuracy in preparing of input data, especially in terms of air pollutant emissions and meteorological parameters.

English title: Modeling of ozone concentrations in the low troposphere for example of Nowy Sącz.

  • troposferic ozone,
  • air pollution modeling,
  • box model,
  • air quality assessment,
  • Nowy Sącz (Poland)
Publication Date
March 31, 1999
Citation Information
Marek Bogacki, Marek Mazur and Robert Oleniacz. "Modelowanie stężenia ozonu w niskiej troposferze na przykładzie Nowego Sącza" Aura Iss. 3 (1999)
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