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Emisja związków fluoru z hutnictwa żelaza
Ochrona Powietrza i Problemy Odpadów (1999)
  • Marian Mazur
  • Marek Bogacki
  • Robert Oleniacz

The article presents the results of the last few years of comprehensive researches related to the emission of fluorine compounds from iron metallurgy in Poland. Determined of the levels of flue-gas concentrations and air emissions for fluorine in the form of gaseous and solid compounds, including water-soluble compounds (considered to be toxic). The study also made it possible to analyze of raw materials used in these processes taking into account fluorine content and its impact on the amount of fluorine compounds emitted to the air.

English title: Emissions of fluorine compounds with iron metallurgy.

  • iron and steel industry,
  • metallurgical industry,
  • Polish steelworks,
  • air pollutants,
  • stack emissions,
  • fluorine compounds,
  • emission factor verification
Publication Date
April 30, 1999
Citation Information
Marian Mazur, Marek Bogacki and Robert Oleniacz. "Emisja związków fluoru z hutnictwa żelaza" Ochrona Powietrza i Problemy Odpadów Vol. 33 Iss. 2 (1999)
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