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Emisja zanieczyszczeń ze spalania odpadów ściekowych w piecu półkowym
Ekologia i Technika (1996)
  • Robert Oleniacz
  • Marian Mazur
  • Marek Bogacki

The article presents incineration tests of silty-tar sludge produced in the wastewater treatment plant for coke industry. Sewage sludges were incinerated in a full-scale multiple hearth incinerator equipped with a wet flue-gas cleaning system (alkaline scrubber). Measurements of air pollutant emissions were carried out both before and after the cleaning system. The obtained results allow to conclude that the thermal utilization of sewage sludge in this type of installation might be just a little cumbersome for the environment, using the appropriate equipment for the purification of exhaust gases. The paper also specifies minimum exhaust gas cleaning performance that guarantees compliance with European emission standards for waste incineration.

English title: Pollutant emissions from incineration of sewage sludge in a multiple hearth furnace.

  • coke industry,
  • sewage sludge,
  • waste incineration,
  • full-scale incinerator,
  • multiple hearth,
  • flue gas constituents,
  • air pollution control devices,
  • wet scrubber,
  • air pollutants,
  • stack emissions,
  • emission factors
Publication Date
December 31, 1996
Citation Information
Robert Oleniacz, Marian Mazur and Marek Bogacki. "Emisja zanieczyszczeń ze spalania odpadów ściekowych w piecu półkowym" Ekologia i Technika Iss. 5/6 (23/24) (1996)
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