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Wpływ instalacji termicznego przekształcania odpadów komunalnych na jakość powietrza
Nowa Energia (2015)
  • Robert Oleniacz
At the turn of 2015/2016 it is planned to launch in Poland a few new municipal solid waste incineration plants. This type activities causes usually concerns of the local community due to their potential negative impact on air quality. Are these fears are, however, justified? The article describes allowable air emissions for new waste incinerators, the actual emissions that occur from such installations, and the current state of knowledge about their impact on air pollution.
English title: The impact of installations of municipal solid waste thermal treatment on air quality.
  • municipal solid waste,
  • waste incineration,
  • MSWI Plant,
  • air pollutants,
  • air emissions,
  • air pollution modeling,
  • atmospheric dispersion modeling,
  • impact assessment,
  • air concentrations,
  • dioxins and furans,
  • PCDD/Fs
Publication Date
May 22, 2015
Citation Information
Robert Oleniacz. "Wpływ instalacji termicznego przekształcania odpadów komunalnych na jakość powietrza" Nowa Energia Iss. Nr 2-3 (44-45) (2015) p. 49 - 57
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