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On New Shores: Understanding immigrant fathers in North America
  • Robert P. Moreno, Syracuse University
  • Susan S. Chuang

This edited volume includes 13 chapters originally presented at a conference by a team of social scientists. The discussion revolves around the many faces of fatherhood and immigration across cultures; the sociocultural and psychological processes involved in adaptation and acculturation of immigrants; and demographic portraits of immigrant fathers and their labor market activity and its consequences for their families. A few contributors examine Asian immigrants in Canada and the US, with a specific focus on Chinese and Korean immigrant fathers. A few chapters are devoted to Latino immigrant fathering and the construction of dieir identities, and a comparative analysis of Latino immigrant and nonimmigrant fadiers. The editorial introduction emphasizes the book's multidisciplinary and multimethodological nature and scope. The final section delves into some of the methodological issues related to research on immigrant fadiering and future directions for research. This book, incorporating relevant theoretical frameworks and multidisciplinary empirical research on the process of acculturation of non-European immigrant fathers and dieir families, provides several insights and a wealth of information. It will serve as a major reference and a basis for future research for those interested in immigration and change.

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Lexington Books
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Robert P. Moreno and Susan S. Chuang. On New Shores: Understanding immigrant fathers in North America. Lexington, MA(2008)
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