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Is Grading Papers an Effective Teaching Practice?
Andrews University Teaching and Learning Conference
  • Robert C. Moore, Andrews University
  • Martha Byrne, Earlham College
  • Sarah Hanusch, Texas State University - San Marcos
  • Timothy Fukawa-Connelly, Temple University
Bell Hall 180
Start Date
29-3-2016 4:00 PM
End Date
29-3-2016 4:50 PM
Type of Presentation
25 minute Scholarly Work Presentation
Proposal for Presentation
College teachers devote a great deal of effort to grading students’ papers. We do this not simply to assign grades, but for the more important purpose of giving students feedback that will help them improve their work in the future. We should ask, then, whether grading papers is an effective teaching practice; that is, to what extent do students benefit from the comments we write on their papers? We will report on an examination of this question in the context of mathematics and then allow time for the audience to discuss this question in the context of other disciplines.
Citation Information
Robert C. Moore, Martha Byrne, Sarah Hanusch and Timothy Fukawa-Connelly. "Is Grading Papers an Effective Teaching Practice?" (2016)
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