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The Greeks and us: essays in honor of Arthur W. H. Adkins
  • Robert Louden, University of Southern Maine
  • Paul Schollmeier, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Arthur W. H. Adkins's writings have sparked debates among a wide range of scholars over the nature of ancient Greek ethics and its relevance to modern times. Demonstrating the breadth of his influence, the essays in this volume reveal how leading classicists, philosophers, legal theorists, and scholars of religion have incorporated Adkins's thought into their own diverse research. The timely subjects addressed by the contributors include the relation between literature and moral understanding, moral and nonmoral values, and the contemporary meaning of ancient Greek ethics. The volume also includes an essay from the late Adkins himself illustrating his methodology in an analysis of the "Speech of Lysias" in Plato's Phaedrus.

  • Ancient Greece,
  • ethics
Publication Date
December 15, 1996
Robert B. Louden, Paul Schollmeier
University of Chicago Press
Citation Information
Robert Louden and Paul Schollmeier. The Greeks and us: essays in honor of Arthur W. H. Adkins. Chicago(1996)
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