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Studies in dictionary use: Recent developments
International Journal of Lexicography (2011)
  • Robert Lew
Empirical study of dictionary use is now almost one hundred years old, if we count Grinstead (1915) as the first paper in this category. Obviously, a larger part of the long period saw very little research activity, as the majority of the empirical user studies available today have been done in the last two decades or so (for a recent survey, see Welker 2010). Several authors have pointed out the methodological shortcomings of some of those studies (e.g. Hulstijn and Atkins 1998; Dolezal and McCreary 1999; Humblé 2001; Lew 2004; Tarp 2009), but there is no denying that the methodological standards are improving at a steady rate.
  • dictionary use
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Robert Lew. "Studies in dictionary use: Recent developments" International Journal of Lexicography Vol. 24 Iss. 1 (2011)
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