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One Mad-Man's Journey Through Time
  • Rodney E Langley
  • Robert L. Langley
A Mad-man... born in a world of scientifically manufactured future scientists, made of Man and Woman...Oops! For over Twenty years, there had been no "Natural" births, then, The "Doctor" came along, quite unexpectedly, and was given the tools to create items to ameliorate effects of the wars for resources. No "Government" remained, destroyed by "The Management", a Mega-Corporation, that took over the world.
  • Time Space travel,
  • alternate dimensions,
  • times past future
Publication Date
Rodney E. Langley
Publisher Statement
From whom did Professor George Winston get all the startling inventions, including the time-space travel device? The "Doctor" was wont to dream, thus, cross-dimensionality of ideas was created, and Professor George Winston had the wherewithal to make his devices. The "Doctor" however, is a MAD-MAN, made thus by his world, his reality, his dimension, his circumstances of life.
Citation Information
Rodney E Langley and Robert L. Langley. One Mad-Man's Journey Through Time. 1stSpringdaleVol. 1 (2013)
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