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One Mad-Man's Travel Through Time
  • Rodney E Langley
  • Robert L. Langley
One Mad-Man's Journey Through Time When he was a child, he would be beaten, because he looked different than the other children in the creche. Where they were straight, and strong, he was twisted, and weak. He had been born, with a birth defect that twisted his spine, and caused him to have a hump in his back. He walked different than the other children, and that caused him to be late to numerous classes, as well as, didn't allow him to participate in a lot of physical activities. The only reason he hadn't been destroyed at birth, was because of who his father was, a top level executive in the Management of Resources of Earth. When he was young, there were still a few trees left on Earth. He loved to take pictures of them, and put the pictures on the walls of his room. We probably wouldn't recognize the collection of sticks, that were called trees, as they had no leaves, and were none of them thicker than two inches in diameter. But, he had been told that they were trees, and loved them, because they were bent and twisted, like he was. They also had a grayish color to their bark, and the texture was reminiscent of a sharks skin, in that it could take the skin off your hand if rubbed the wrong way, which he had found out to his horror when he was younger. There were no birds to make nests, nor any bees to pollinate flowers, even if there were flowers, anymore. The fish had been netted out of the oceans, and flash-frozen to feed the few people left after the resource wars had ended. The land was torn up with all the fighting that had been waged all across the globe. The only green you could find, was in the underground farms the governments of the world had set up, before being terminated from their jobs, in a rather final way. The only people that remained to restore order, were the members of the Management, a mega-corporation that controlled all resources. The Management knew that the Earth was dying, and wanted to find a way to get their executives, at least, off the planet. Therefore, they gathered the greatest scientists of the world, and told them to find a solution. The scientists tried for years to come up with a way to save all the people left, but were unable to find a safe manner to do this, with the resources left. Children became the focus. It was thought that they might be able to come up with solutions not thought of by adults, and so they were made to order by the scientists. The genes of the scientists were mixed and matched, and the results placed into artificial wombs. Nine months later, they were removed from the wombs and another, different batch, was placed inside to grow. The scientists realized that this would take years for them to see results from their breeding program, and they would only have a few, that they might be able to train through a rigorous testing program. So, they collected samples from all the peoples left on Earth. This allowed them a larger sample size to work with, and any that failed, could be used as laborers. All children were raised in Management run creches, and were tested to the extreme. Any child that had an IQ less than 220, was set aside, and placed in a laborer unit. There, they would be instructed in the use of all the tools needed to keep the world running, while those that had an IQ average above 220, were trained in scientific reasoning. These were given the tools to find solutions the world desperately needed. This led to a sharp delineation of standing in the minds of the young. The scientists-to-be thought they were better than the laborers, which caused friction. But, the first time that a High IQ student failed a problem, or an experiment, they were turned over to the labor units. There, they would be placed as needed. During the twentieth year of this experiment, a child was born to a young executive. One of the first to be born outside of the artificial wombs. The child was a surprise to the parents, because all children were supposed to be born in the controlled environment of the creches. The mother hadn't recognized what was happening to her body, no one had babies inside their bodies anymore. The doctors were amazed that the baby had gone full term, but were horrified when the baby was born, and found to have birth defects, due to pollutants in the environment. The mother would not allow them to terminate the child, it was her child, of her body, and she didn't want anyone to take him away from her. The young executive was a bit more pragmatic in his approach, he loved his wife and didn't want her to have to live through the shame of having an imperfect child. So, he attempted to convince her through clear, and logical arguments, why she should let the doctors terminate the child. The mother was emotional though, and didn't want to hear logic. She informed the father, that if he allowed the child to be killed, then she would take her own life, as well. The father wouldn't allow this, as you were only allowed one mate for life, and if he lost his wife he might lose his position, so he decided to allow the child to live. People were no longer given names, only numbers as designations, unless they were called by their position, as in doctor, scientist, executive, etc. The child grew up at home, but when he was old enough to walk and talk, he was transferred to the creche, to begin his learning. He was tormented from the beginning for being different. He cried himself to sleep many nights, with an aching body from the abuse the other children put him through, and the physical exercises that he was expected to do everyday. He passed every mental test given him, with speed that put the instructors to shame. His IQ was immeasurable, as it was higher than anyone had ever seen. He was given experiments that no one had ever been able to solve, and he solved them with such simple solutions that people shook their heads and said, "Why didn't I think of that?" He began to be called Doctor by the scientists, because he used his tools as precisely as a doctor would in surgery with a scalpel. The Doctor was given his own lab within the creche, and allowed to come and go at all times. But, he was ambushed a few times by the other children. They felt he was a threat to their future, and was beaten badly, almost dying once. The children that did the beating were executed, and the Doctor was given a house to continue his experiments, away from the distraction of near death.
  • Doctor George Winston,
  • Mad-Scientist,
  • Wretched Body,
  • Laboratory,
  • Inventions,
  • Devasted World
Publication Date
Rodney E. Langley
Publisher Statement
Second in a series of Science-Fiction writings by published Author Robert L. Langley
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Rodney E Langley and Robert L. Langley. One Mad-Man's Travel Through Time. FirstSpringdaleVol. Two (2013)
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