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Part II, One Man's Journey Through Time
  • Rodney E Langley
PART II One Man's Journey Through Time What Dimensions May Come Winston was finally going to find out where the dreams came from. He planned it out for four days, before feeling he was ready to attempt it. He had practiced eight hours out of each day, perfecting his control. It had come to him, that maybe whomever, or whatever, had been sending him the dreams, might be able to help with the current situation. He had had a dream on the second night in the hotel. This time it wasn’t about making a new device, it was about adding-on to the computer he used to control his jumps. He had run out to a computer repair place, and bought the items he would need, along with a small repair kit. Then he returned to the room, and began making the modifications needed. Usually, if he attempted to take an experiment apart, it ceased to function, but this time, he had been given instructions on how to avoid it with this device. Winston finished the modifications, and placed the computer on his head. He tried to get it to take him somewhere that he knew, but it didn’t do anything. He began to wonder if he had done something wrong. He was growing frustrated. It came to him that the computer, by itself, let him control "where" he went, and without the computer, he just tripped along in time, but stayed where he was. Maybe the add-on controlled, dimension? Wiston drew a blank about how he could test his hypothesis. He decided to watch TV, and see what was going on in the world. Trying to find an all-news channel, he was flipping through all the channels. He came to a program that he used to watch exclusively. He hated to admit a fascination with the show, but just couldn’t get enough of it, kind of like American Idol, for some people. He was watching for a few minutes, before he noticed a small difference in the makeup of characters in the show where, before, a man had played one of the characters. Now, it was a woman! The character had a gender-neutral sounding name, so it could be a man, or woman playing the part. He wondered if they had re-shot the whole show, but he remembered this particular episode, and the woman was making the exact same movements, and speech, that the male actor had made. This was getting to be too much at once. He shut the TV off, and got up to go outside. He had finished the last of the soda earlier this morning and wanted something to drink. He had seen a soda machine by the office, when he had checked into the room. He grabbed all the change he had, and put it in his pocket. He then walked to the window, and looked out to make sure no one was watching his room. Not seeing anyone, he left the room, and walked to the machine. When he got close to the office, he happened to look at the hotel's sign, where before, it had been red and white, it was now blue and tan, but it still had the same name. He quickly bought his soda, and returned to his room. If a "short time" using the device changed the area around him in small details, what would a longer period of time using the device do? Winston decided he had nothing to lose by finding out, so he placed the device on his head, and turned it on. It ran for five minutes before he shut it off. When he turned the TV back on, the people on it were speaking in a language he vaguely identified as Japanese. He ran to the window, and looked out at some of the business signs. They were all in an asian script he couldn’t identify. Feeling a little tremble of panic, he turned the computer back on, and let it run for another five minutes. When he turned it off, and returned to the TV, the announcers were speaking in, what he believed to be, German. He let the TV run for awhile, as the show was apparently a news program, and he wanted to learn about the world he had ended up in. He couldn’t understand the language, but they showed pictures, of what he took to be, America. He saw riots in the streets, with police wearing black uniforms, shooting into the rioters, who were wearing red, white, and blue armbands. There was a closeup shot of a police officer's uniform, and he saw an armband, with a red swastika and skulls, on the lapels of the jacket. Winston decided it was time to move along, so he turned the computer back on, for ten minutes this time. When the ten minutes had elapsed, he turned the computer back off, and went to the TV to see what had changed this time. What he saw were pictures of devastation on a wide scale. He watched images that reminded him of pictures he had seen of Vietnam, except these were of American people. He watched as people were executed on the streets, while some were being hung on the nearest light poles. The announcer was calm, and controlled, speaking about the madness running throughout the country, caused by an "unknown disease". Winston watched this with growing horror. He immediately turned the computer back on, and left it on, for a full thirty minutes this time. When he turned it off, he was no longer in a motel room, but in a park. Out For A Walk He looked around for a while, before deciding to take a walk, and find out what was nearby. Winston walked around for an hour, before he finally spotted a house. The house was painted red, with black trim, and it looked as though it had seen some years. There was a shutter that had broken off, which lay on the ground, and some of the gutters were bent, but otherwise, it looked like it was in good shape. Winston walked to the front door and knocked. No one answered. He knocked again, and heard someone walking around inside. The door opened a minute later, and he found himself in front of a vision of an angel. The woman looked to be in her mid, to late 30’s. She stood 5’6”, and was perfectly proportioned in every way. She had bright red hair, and freckles everywhere that he could see. He was tongue-tied, at first, just staring at the woman. The woman just looked at him with a confused look on her face. Winston was finally able to talk, and asked the woman what her name was, as well as the name of this lovely valley, he found himself in. The woman replied that her name was Diana Crenshaw, and the valley's name was Scottish Point. This really confused Winston, in that, the motel he had been staying in was named Scottish Point. Winston introduced himself, and explained that he had gotten lost. He asked Diana if she had something he could drink. She told him all that she had was water, but he was welcome to all he could drink. She invited him in, and led him to a chair in the kitchen. She then grabbed a cup out of the cabinet, and went to the sink. When she returned with the full cup, she sat across from Winston, as he proceeded to drink the water. Diana began to ask him questions, and what really threw him off, was when he began answering the questions, truthfully, and completely against his will. Winston answered questions for eight hours, before he started to come out of the effects of the drug. He was very tired afterwards, and fell asleep. When Winston woke up later, he found Diana seated beside the couch he was laying on. First thing he thought to ask, was how he got to the couch? She replied that she had partially carried him, with his help. The next questions, were what she had given him, and why? Diana answered that the drug was a natural pain reliever, which had the side effects of making humans tell the truth, and then put them into a healing sleep. The drug was used to treat people who had traumatic injuries, and allowed them to tell their rescuers what their injuries were, and how they had gotten them. The "why", was because she was alone in the house with an apparently homeless man, and wanted him subdued in some manner. He asked how she had come to the conclusion that he was homeless? She answered that, in this dimension, a person could call for assistance from anywhere, with a simple push of a button on their combracelet, which she proceeded to show him. The red button contacted police or fire, the blue button contacted medical assistance, while the white button, allowed you to contact friends, with a touch-sensitive screen, that were all located under a protective covering. Winston vaguely recalled that she had asked him questions about his travels, and what his Earth was like. When he asked why she hadn’t called the authorities, he was told that she had been fascinated with the story he was telling, and didn’t feel that he was a threat to her anymore. She had contacted the George Winston from this dimension, and he was enroute to her house. She hadn’t told him about Winston, just that she needed to meet him. The Celts While they waited, Winston asked about this reality, and was told that, the America he was in now, had been settled by Celts from Scotland, and Ireland. They had made peace with the natives, and lived in harmony with their environment. Most of the Europeans had been killed by plagues, and didn’t have the numbers they felt they needed, to go exploring and pillaging, like they had in Winston's reality. The Celts had brought their own gods with them, since they had left Europe before Christianity had gained a grip, they had also adopted some of the practices of the natives, who had taught them how to live in this new environment. The Celts were taught the medicinal properties of certain plants, as well as how to identify edible plants and roots, in their new home. For their part, the Celts had taught the natives about Europe and it’s history, as much of it as they knew, anyway. With this knowledge, the natives had sent several large boats to Europe, and Asia, to establish their presence as a power in the New World, and to discourage any attempt to take their land, gold, or peoples. The Europeans hadn’t taken it to heart, until the natives destroyed their fleets in several battles. The Asians had taken the ultimatum with equanimity, and had never tried to send anything other than trade ships. Winston asked about the technology he was seeing in the form of the combracelet. He was informed that unlike his reality, there had not been a war for independence. Few people came to America, and those that did, stayed in a town, while they learned how to live with nature. Those who couldn’t, or refused, were given the choice of living their life in the town, or returning to their homeland. For those that chose neither, and tried to take, without learning how to give, they were tied up, and taken out to a remote area, and left with a dull knife, and the clothes on their back. If they made it back to the town, they were sent back to their homeland in chains, but if they lived on their own for a year, they were given citizenship. People that were found to be abusing the land, or its animals, were immediately put to death, no second chances. Winston was a little taken aback by the severity of the punishment. What would be considered abuse of the land, and who made the distinction? He was informed that there was a Grand Council, that met once a year, that made all of the laws. Local infractions were dealt with by a small council of Elders, that interpreted the laws that were passed. Most of the Elders were also on the Grand Council, as well, and knew what the laws were supposed to represent, so there was little, if any, confusion when it came to matters of implementation. Winston agreed that this was a reasonable way to govern, but it didn’t explain the technology that he saw. Diana informed him that since they weren’t overrun by people, they had the opportunity to experiment with all the biology of the surrounding plants, and had discovered amazing things that changed the way they looked at technology. The combracelet was run by a plant, that acted as a battery, and never had to be disposed of, due to loss of recharge-ability. The combracelet was grafted on to all Americans, when they became of age, or when they gained citizenship. George Arrives At about that time, they heard a whining sound coming closer, it kind of sounded like a mosquito. Winston didn’t know if he was hearing things or not, but Diana moved to the window and looked up, seeing this Winston walked over as well. When he looked up he was surprised to see a vehicle of some kind coming to a hover above the house, it began to settle to the ground by the front door, Diana walked to the door and opened it to allow the visitor to come in, once he left his vehicle. After two minutes of waiting, in walked a trim, fit, healthy version of Winston. The Winston of this reality was startled once he had a good look at the professor, he walked around him examining every inch of him in a professional manner. “Diana, it is a pleasure to meet you, what is this? Some new form of hybrid?” the new Winston asked. “No, this is you from a different reality, he is from another Earth that is quite a bit different from ours.” Diana replied while looking at the professor, who began to feel like he was being examined like a new kind of bug to be killed and displayed for all the world to see. “My name is Professor George Winston of the Kansas State University of the Arts, I am a Professor of Philosophy for third year students.” Winston introduced himself. “What is a professor of philosophy?” The other Winston asked. “It is someone that tries to teach young adults to reach beyond themselves to a greater truth of what is around them.” “What is your purpose in coming to this reality?” Diana asked. “I am searching for the source of dreams that I have had for years that have led me to build amazing devices, just like the one that brought me here.” Winston stated. Winston decided to call the other him George, it was better than calling him mini-me which just sounded so Goldmember to him, as it served to differentiate the two of them and it was starting to give him a headache thinking he was talking to himself. “I myself have had dreams for years, but have been unable to build the devices I have seen due to not having the resources.” George stated. “I can understand not having the resources, my reality is very highly reliant on petroleum resources, so I have access to all the things needed to make the devices.” Winston stated, “Were the dreams very detailed? What I mean to say is, do you think I’m getting closer to the source of the dreams? Have you received anything besides the instructions?” “I haven’t really thought about the dreams, I am usually pretty busy so I stopped thinking about them other than to send them out myself.” George said. “Send them out yourself?” Winston asked with incredulity, “How do you do that?” “We might not have a high tech base, but we are experts on biological systems, and dreams can be seen as part of that system. I began studying these dreams since I started to receive them, and found that they are like a cosmic chain letter, if you can’t do anything with them then it is your duty to send them to someone that can. That is the sense that I received from them, other than that, I stopped looking at them years ago.” George continued, “I did receive the impression that the dreams were unintended, as if the mind that produced them was simply so obsessed with their work, that they took it to bed with them.” “So they might not be able to help me with the issues happening in my reality.” Winston said dejectedly. “I wouldn’t say that, even though they haven’t been consciously sending dreams, they have sent many that could have a significant impact on our worlds, if we knew what the items were, and what they did, without having to experiment with it ourselves.” George said. Winston decided it was time to continue on his journey, but he didn’t want to leave from Diana’s house, as it was some distance from his own house. So, he asked if George could take him to his house to depart from there, George agreed. Winston wasn’t surprised by the look of interest in George’s eyes every time they met Diana’s, he was the same person, after all. So, when George kissed Diana’s hand, and promised to call her later, just to let her know that Winston had departed safely, he mentally wished them the best, and hoped they had a happy life together. Transported To Destruction George and Winston climbed into George’s hovercar and took off. They arrived at the house in fifteen minutes, and for some reason, Winston was surprised that it looked exactly like his house on the outside, except for the fact that it sat by itself in a valley, then, he exited the machine. Winston decided to turn the computer on outside the house, just in case the house was moved in transferring realities. He shook George’s hand and then reached up and turned the computer on. He left it on for 15 minutes and when he turned it off found himself in a completely different environment. When Winston looked around all he found was complete destruction, the earth was torn up all around him and he couldn’t see the sun, just cloud cover. He could see someone approaching him, it looked like a soldier with a mask on, over his nose and mouth, and a gun slung over his shoulder. As the man approached Winston began to find it harder to breath, every breath felt like he was breathing fire he couldn’t find enough oxygen. The soldier got close enough to talk without shouting and said, “Forgot your filter again did you, Doctor?” He slipped his hand into a thigh pocket and produced a filter which he slapped on Winston’s face over his nose and mouth. It was self adhesive and when he removed his hand, it stayed in place. Winston felt immediate relief, when he was able to draw a full breath. “Now Doctor, you know your not supposed to leave your house until after the sun goes down, let me escort you back. I’m afraid I will have to report this to management though.” “Please don’t do that, I just got confused and wanted to see what was going on.” Winston said, with a shamefaced look. He really didn’t want to get the Doctor in trouble in this reality. He was greatly relieved that the soldier agreed, this one time, to overlook it. The soldier escorted him to the front door of the house and watched him enter the airlock. When Winston walked in the house, the first thing he noticed, was that the entire floor plan was gutted. Where before, he had entered into the living room, now there was a set of stairs leading directly to the basement. The only thing remaining in the above ground part, were the load bearing walls. Everything else was gone! Winston made his way carefully down the stairs to the basement, and could only stare about himself in wonderment, at the place he found himself in. Where before, when he entered the basement, all he saw were unfinished stone walls, here he found a small apartment with tunnels leading to other rooms. He walked to the wall across from the stairs, and began to examine it. It looked like it had been melted, and left to cool, there was a gentle curve to it, as if the middle of the wall had seen more heat than the bottom, or top. He walked around the entire apartment, and was impressed with the technology needed to carve this place out of the rock. Winston noticed a door, in one of the tunnels, labeled Lab. He opened the door, and stepped into a huge room that was full of shelves on all sides, filled with electronic components, and mechanical parts in bins, clearly labeled with their contents. In the middle of the room, was a table, with lights, focused on the tabletop, with, what looked like, completed, and half-completed items. He walked closer to the table, to get a better look, and was surprised when he recognized many of the items as things he had built himself! He didn’t notice, as a shadow detached itself from the corner of the room, and began to approach him, and so was startled when he heard a cough come, from just behind him. “You know your not supposed to come down here. No one’s authorized, except for management personel, and you certainly don’t look like management.” Said the man, just out of the range of the lights. “I’m sorry, I was told of the marvelous things that were being invented here, and wanted to see them for myself.” Winston replied. “No harm done, I guess.” The man said, as he stepped into the light. Winston was surprised when the man stepped fully into the light, it was himself, again, but a bent, twisted, version of himself. “What?” Asked the man, when he noticed Winston’s gaze on him, “Haven’t you ever seen someone walk?” “I apologize, I didn’t mean to stare. It’s just, I expected you to be taller.” Winston said. “Do I know you?” The Doctor asked, looking into his eyes. Winston realized he was still wearing the filter mask, but decided to leave it on, at least for now. The vibe he was getting from this other version of himself was a little off, maybe it would be best not to let his identity be known, until he was sure the Doctor was mentally stable. With the decision made, he decided to find out what he could about the experiments that were sitting on the table in front of him. “You don’t know me, but I represent a new member of management, and he would like a description of what all your experiments do.” Winston replied. “He didn’t receive a briefing packet when he was appointed?” The Doctor asked. “It wasn’t my place to question him, all I can do is follow his orders and retrieve the information from the source.” Winston stated, with a snap to his voice. “All right, all right, I’ll give you a new briefing packet.” Said the Doctor, with defeat in his voice. “Not just a briefing packet, he wants you to explain all the experiments to me so I can give him a complete briefing on what we are spending our time and precious resources on.” Winston waited, with baited breath, hoping he could pull this off. “I can’t explain all my experiments, it would take too long, but I can give you copies of blueprints and if he has any more questions he can come here himself to ask them himself.” The Doctor replied. “I guess that will have to work for now, but I need you to include everything, not just what you’ve already completed but what you are still considering.” Winston said. “Allright, it’ll take me a few minutes to get it all together.” The Doctor replied. “No problem, I’ll wait right here until you get back.” Winston said, with a feeling of victory surging through him. The Doctor left the room to pull all the files, he returned twenty minutes later with a bag slung over his shoulder, which he handed to Winston. Winston opened the bag and looked through some of the papers and concluded that everything he needed was inside. He closed the bag and thanked the Doctor and promised that the management member would be in contact. He then left the lab, and walked back outside where he placed the computer on his head and faded from view, but not before being seen by the Doctor, who had followed him outside to see where he went, with all the priceless papers he had just given him. The Doctor was surprised, and alarmed, when he watched Winston fade away. At least he hadn’t given the mysterious stranger the original blueprints. When he turned to go back inside, a soldier approached, and said, “Twice in one day Doctor, I will really have to report you now.” “What are you talking about?” The Doctor questioned the soldier. “You know you’re not supposed to be outside until dark, and this is the second time I’ve found you out and about.” The soldier replied, “and the first time you didn’t even have your mask on.” This blew the Doctor’s mind, he had been in his lab all morning. The Doctor began to think about the repercussions of giving the stranger all the blueprints and then to find out that the man looked just like him! He ran inside and began to go through his inventory, he found a computer, that fit a headset, that he had set aside, because he hadn’t found a use for it, but it matched what he had seen the stranger place on his own head! The Doctor sat at his table and began to laugh, slightly hysterically, for what felt like hours, he then curled up on the floor, and began to sob with the realisation that someone, somewhere, had used his experiments, and visited him without giving him the opportunity to ask them questions, or give him the chance to leave with them. A look of madness came over his face, and he placed the computer on his own head, but his adventures are for another time.
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Rodney E. Langley
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SCI-FI Author Robert L. Langley
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Rodney E Langley. Part II, One Man's Journey Through Time. OneSpringdaleVol. One (2013)
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