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Diversity of the Unionidae in the Rocky River, Ohio
Journal of Freshwater Ecology
  • Robert A. Krebs, Cleveland State University
  • Louie J. Rundo, Cleveland State University
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We surveyed the freshwater mussels (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) of the Rocky River, Ohio, USA, a river surrounded by suburban development. The survey produced 253 live unionid specimens and 572 empty shells. Most occurred in the west branch. Species living in the West Branch Rocky River included Anodontoides ferussacianus, Elliptio dilatata, Lampsilis cardium, Lampsilis radiata luteola, Lasmigona compressa, Lasmigona costata, Pyganodon grandis grandis, Strophitus undulatus undulatus, and Toxolasma parvus. Two additional species (Utterbackia imbecillis and Villosa iris iris) were represented as dead shells. Three species (Potamilis alatus, Quadrula quadrula and Leptodea fragilis) were found only near the mouth of the main stem of the river. No live mussels were found in the east branch. Although mussel diversity changed along the river, the presence of healthy mussel populations downstream of two expanding suburban areas suggests that these developments so far have minimally impacted populations.

The research was supported by a small grant for exploratory research from NSF (DEB 0002305), by Ohio Sea Grant, and by a President's Initiative award from Cleveland State University.

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Krebs, R. A. and L. J. Rundo. 2005. Diversity of Unionidae in the Rocky River, Ohio. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 20(3): 603-608.