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About Robert M Howard

My research involves the intersection of courts, law and public policy. I am particularly interested in the empirical examination of why and how citizens use law and the courts to change policy, and then the subsequent influence of the courts on the policy issue. My research agenda is driven by questions of why have non-accountable institutions in a democratic system, and what is their role? Courts and bureaucracies are often attacked as unresponsive and undemocratic. My work, through an examination of court influence on policy, bureaucratic responsiveness, non-electoral selection processes, and judicial decision-making, seeks to demonstrate that they are in fact, responsive and crucial to democratic government.


Present Political Science, Georgia State University
Present Faculty Member, Policy Studies Organization

Research Interests

Agenda-setting, adoption, and implementation, Economic policy, and Education policy

Contact Information

38 Peachee Center Ave. - Suite 1005
Atlanta, GA 30303 - 2514