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About Robert Hoppe

Let me briefly introduce myself:
I am Rob Hoppe,emeritus Professor of Policy and Knowledge at University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.
My email address is:
In research my major fields of interest are:
- long term policy dynamics and innovation, esp. the role of knowledge, science and technology;
- methodological and institutional implications of deliberative policy analysis;
- the governance of expertise;
- applications of Q Method.
When teaching, in the University of Twente's Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, Department of Science, Technology and Policy Studies, I was responsible for (non-policy-sector-specialized) policy studies courses in the bachelor and master programs in Public Administration, Health Sciences, European Studies, and the Policy Management Track in the mid-career training program Master of Public Management.
From February 2010 - Summer 2014 I was Educational Program Director for the BSc and MSc programs in Public Administration
Some of my previous publications include:
- (together with dr. A. Peterse), Handling Frozen Fire. Political Culture and Risk Management” (Westview Press, Boulder, 1993)
- Technology Assessment Through Interaction. A Guide (with dr. J. Grin, Rathenau Institute, The Hague, 1997)
- “Pollution through traffic and transport: the praxis of cultural pluralism in parliamentarian technology assessment” (with dr. J. Grin, in Michael Thompson et al. (eds.), Cultural Theory as Political Science, Routledge, London,
- (with Matthijs Hisschemöller, Bill Dunn and Jerry Ravetz)Knowledge, Power, and Participation in Environmental Policy Analysis(Policy Studies Review Annual, Vol. 10, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, 2001)
- The Governance of Problems. Puzzling, Powering, and Participation, Bristol, Policy Press, 2010 (hardcover), 2011 (soft cover edition)
- (together with Hal Colebatch and Mirko Noordegraaf), Working for Policy, Amsterdam and Chicago University Press, 2010

In my present position as emeritus professor, career and other (previous) positions and functions, I specialize in public policy studies, where policy content, processes and impacts are studied from a political science, public administration, and STS perspective. Three accounts of policy and
governance are integrated:
- Policy als cognitive-cultural phenomenon ('design on governance'),
- Policy as social construct (‘naming and framing’),
- And last but not least, policy as result of political processes (‘authoritative problem-solution coupling, resulting from structured political interaction”).
Previous positions:
Professor of Politicial Science, esp. Public Administration at University of Amsterdam
August 1986 - September 1997 (11 years 2 months)
Chair of Department of Public Administration
Dean of Faculty of Political and Socio-Cultural Sciences (1990-1993)
Visiting Professor en Fulbright Fellow at Rutgers University
August 1992 - July 1993 (1 year)
Assitant and Associate Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1974 - 1983
Honors and Awards
Van Poelje Award for best dissertation in Public Administration, 1983
Fulbright Grant, Rutgers University Newark, USA, 1992

As emeritus professor I see retirement as a permanent sabbatical, being able to continue research and writing without teaching and administrative obligations. But professional life goes on:

- chairing the Scientific Forum of the Dutch Knowledge Platform for Electromagnetic Fields and Health offers me the opportunity to 'practice what I preached' over the years on scientific policy advice as boundary work;
- as non-residential fellow of the American University of Beirut I have an opportunity to explore politics and policy in the Middle East, and revivify my old-time interests in international relations and development policy.


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