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Resource Letter SH-l-Superfluid Helium
American Journal of Physics (1982)
  • Robert Hallock, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
The resource letter covers the general subject of superfluid helium and treats 3He and 3He–4He mixtures as well as 4He. No effort has been made to include the fascinating experiments on either solid helium or the equally fascinating work on adsorbed helium where the helium coverage is below that necessary for superfluidity. An earlier resource letter by C. T. Lane [Am. J. Phys. 35, 367 (1967)] may be consulted for additional comments on some of the cited earlier manuscripts, but the present work is self‐contained and may be used independently. Many high‐quality research reports have not been cited here. Rather, the author has tried in most cases to include works particularly readable or relevant. There is a relatively heavy emphasis on experimental references. The primary reason is that these works tend to be more generally readable. No doubt some works that might have been included, have not, and for this the author takes responsibility with apology. Articles selected for incorporation in a reprint volume (to be published separately by the American Association of Physics Teachers) are marked with an asterisk(∗). Following each referenced work the general level of difficulty is indicated by E, I, or A for elementary, intermediate, or advanced
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Robert Hallock. "Resource Letter SH-l-Superfluid Helium" American Journal of Physics Vol. 50 (1982)
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