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Observations of Temperature Oscillations in 'Quasi-IsothSuperfluid Filermal' m Oscillations
Physics Review Letter (1973)
  • Robert Hallock, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • E. B Flint
We report the first observations of the small temperature oscillations which accompany the nearly isothermal oscillations in the levels of two reservoirs of He II which are connected only by the mobile superfluid film. We show that our experimental results are in accord with a nearly isothermal approximation to the general theory first elucidated by Robinson for capillary flow. The amplitude of the temperature oscillations is in agreement with expectations based on the measured thermal conductance and time constant for our apparatus.
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Robert Hallock and E. B Flint. "Observations of Temperature Oscillations in 'Quasi-IsothSuperfluid Filermal' m Oscillations" Physics Review Letter Vol. 31 (1973)
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