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Health maintenance activities of physicians and nonphysicians
Quantitative Health Sciences Publications and Presentations
  • Katherine L. Kahn
  • Robert J. Goldberg, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Diana DeCosimo
  • James E. Dalen
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Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
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Attitude of Health Personnel; Faculty; Faculty, Medical; Female; *Health Behavior; Humans; Male; Physical Examination; Physicians; Physicians, Women

Studying the health maintenance attitudes and behaviors of physicians (MDs) as patients provides information about health maintenance care in a group of individuals where preventive care might flourish. The present study reports the results of a survey of such attitudes and behaviors among 144 university-based MDs and 283 nonphysician doctoral faculty members (non-MDs) from two area universities regarding their personal health maintenance care in 1983. Respondents who reported having a personal MD (44% MDs, 74% non-MDs) were twice as likely to believe they should visit a physician regularly for health maintenance and three times as likely to actually visit a physician for health maintenance as those respondents without a personal physician. Both MDs and non-MDs described the need to visit the doctor more often than they actually reported doing so for health maintenance. However, MDs more often than non-MDs reported receiving the particular health maintenance procedures that are generally considered to constitute essential health maintenance care. A better understanding of health maintenance care by MDs and their non-MD colleagues provides insights into the use and misuse of clinical procedures in the asymptomatic adult.

Arch Intern Med. 1988 Nov;148(11):2433-6.
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Katherine L. Kahn, Robert J. Goldberg, Diana DeCosimo and James E. Dalen. "Health maintenance activities of physicians and nonphysicians" Vol. 148 Iss. 11 (1988) ISSN: 0003-9926 (Linking)
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