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Unpublished Paper
A Primer on Network Neutrality
  • Rob M Frieden, Penn State University
This paper will explain the different conceptualizations of network neutrality and why a debate has arisen about whether governments need to establish rules mandating nondiscrimination. The paper will identify what types of price and quality of service discrimination represent legitimate efforts to diversify Internet-mediated services and to satisfy increasingly diverse requirements of content providers and consumers. The paper concludes that while many concerns about network neutrality overstate the potential for harm, ISPs should offer non-neutral services in a fully transparent manner so that regulators can distinguish between actual and induced network congestion as well as other potential harm to content providers and consumers.
  • network neutrality,
  • Internet access
Publication Date
Winter 2007
Citation Information
Rob M Frieden. "A Primer on Network Neutrality" (2007)
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