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Unpublished Paper
Network Neutrality and Its Potential Impact on Next Generation Networks
  • Rob M Frieden, Penn State University
This paper will examine the network neutrality debate with an eye toward assessing how the Internet will evolve as a major platform for content access and distribution. The paper accepts as necessary and proper many types of price and quality of service discrimination, but also identifies other types of potentially hidden and harmful discrimination. The paper concludes with an identification of best practices in “good” discrimination that should satisfy most network neutrality goals without creating disincentives that might dissuade ISPs from building the infrastructure needed distribution of high bandwidth consuming content such as full motion video.
  • network neutrality,
  • Internet access,
  • next generaiton networks
Publication Date
Winter 2007
Citation Information
Rob M Frieden. "Network Neutrality and Its Potential Impact on Next Generation Networks" (2007)
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