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The Overweight Preschool Retarded Child Can and Should Lose Weight
Early Child Development and Care
  • Robert A. Fox, Marquette University
  • Anthony F. Rotatori, Northern Illinois University
  • Faye Macklin, Northern Illinois University
  • Herman Green, Northern Illinois University
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8 p.
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Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
In the general population over 40 million Americans have weight problems. For the mentally retarded, this area also presents a significant problem. In a recent study (Fox & Rotatori, 1982) we found that sixteen percent of the male and twenty‐five percent of the female retarded individuals were obese. Retarded individuals, like the nonretarded, also tend to have greater weight problems as they grow older (Rotatori, Switzky & Fox, 1981a). Now that we have identified a prevalent condition, let's back‐up for a minute and define what constitutes a weight problem; what causes it; and how a parent might help reduce this condition in their preschool child.

Early Child Development and Care, Vol. 10, No. 2-3 (February 1983): 157-164. DOI.

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Robert A. Fox, Anthony F. Rotatori, Faye Macklin and Herman Green. "The Overweight Preschool Retarded Child Can and Should Lose Weight" Early Child Development and Care (1983) ISSN: 0300-4430
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