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Parenting Young Children: A Facilitator's Guide
Books by Marquette University Faculty
  • Robert A. Fox, Marquette University
  • Bonnie Nicholson, Marquette University

Parenting Young Children is a practical program developed to aid counselors, teachers, and other family resource staff in training parents to better manage the behavior of their toddler or preschooler. Through the program, parents learn to monitor their own behaviors and, at the same time, apply new nurturing and discipline strategies designed to foster their child's overall development. The result of the multi-session course is a parent who is more thoughtful than reactive, more authoritative than authoritarian.

Parenting Young Children teaches parents to use the STAR approach when confrtonted with one of their child's difficult behaviors - to Stop and Think about their own thoughts and feelings, and to Ask themselves if their expectations are reasonable, before they Respond.

Parenting Young Children also features:

  • A user-friendly format that allows professionals from varying backgrounds to facilitate the program
  • A culturally sensitive approach that respects the values of different families
  • An assessment-based design that uses weekly goals, easily copied forms, and home plans to monitor progress
  • A well-established, theoretically sound foundation derived from years of behavioral and cognitive research
  • An accompanying video, which is used in conjunction with the book to illustrate the STAR approach to parenting

Publication Date
Sopris West Educational Services
Table of Contents

An Introduction for Facilitators

Class 1. Introduction and Initial Family Assessment

Class 2. The Role of Parents

Class 3. Child Developmental Expectations

Class 4. Nurturing, Part 1

Class 5. Nurturing, Part 2

Class 6. Discipline: Rules and Strategies

Class 7. Discipline: Implementation, Part 1

Class 8. Discipline: Implementation, Part 2

Class 9. Discipline: Implementation, Part 3

Class 10. Review and Final Family Assessment

Appendix A: Family Assessment Measures

Appendix B: A Sample of a Completed Family Assessment


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Robert A. Fox and Bonnie Nicholson. Parenting Young Children: A Facilitator's Guide. Longmont, CO(2003) ISSN: 9781570354564
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