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Teaching Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Control to the Moderately/Mildly Handicapped
Books by Marquette University Faculty
  • Anthony F. Rotatori, University of New Orleans
  • Robert A. Fox, Marquette University
  • Freddie W. Litton, University of New Orleans
  • Patricia Wade, Fair Acres School
Publication Date
Charles C. Thomas
Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Lesson 1: Overview of Weight Awareness

Chapter 3. Lesson 2: The Four Basic Food Groups

Chapter 4. Lesson 3: Why the Body Needs Food

Chapter 5. Lesson 4: Calories

Chapter 6. Lesson 5: Healthful Snacks

Chapter 7. Lesson 6: Proper Eating Habits

Chapter 8. Lesson 7: Serving Portions and High Calorie Extras

Chapter 9. Lesson 8: Disadvantages of Being Overweight

Chapter 10. Lesson 9: The Importance of Exercise

Chapter 11. Lesson 10: Dressing to Look Thin and Be Comfortable

Chapter 12. Lesson 11: Meals at Restaurants

Chapter 13. Lesson 12: Food Storage and Handling

Chapter 14. Lesson 13: Shopping for Food Ingredients

Chapter 15. Recipes to Cook

Chapter 16. Streamlined Program for Weight Loss



Citation Information
Anthony F. Rotatori, Robert A. Fox, Freddie W. Litton and Patricia Wade. Teaching Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Control to the Moderately/Mildly Handicapped. Springfield, IL(1985) ISSN: 0398050805
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