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Implications of a NICU Perinatal Follow Through Program for the Primary Care Physician
Wisconsin Medical Journal
  • Stephen C. Ragatz, St Joseph's Hospital
  • Bonnie Jean Behee-Semler, Marquette University
  • Robert A. Fox, Marquette University
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Wisconsin Medical Society
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Neonatal intensive care unit follow-through programs provide early evaluation information for the primary care physician. This article describes such data for 339 graduates of St Joseph's Special Care Nursery, 78% of whom were preterm and 70% were of low birth weight. At six months, 7% of the infants were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, based on a 15-month follow-up. Other neurological and respiratory problems were common. A normal neurodevelopmental outcome was found for the majority of the infants. Referrals to medical specialists (eg, ophthalmology) and early intervention programs were required for many infants. The case management role of the primary physician is highlighted along with specific recommendations for care of the medically at-risk or developmentally delayed infant. Wis Med J 1990;89(3):111-114.


Published version. Wisconsin Medical Journal, Vol. 89, No. 3 (March 1990): 111-114. DOI. © 1990 Wisconsin Medical Society. Used with permission.

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Stephen C. Ragatz, Bonnie Jean Behee-Semler and Robert A. Fox. "Implications of a NICU Perinatal Follow Through Program for the Primary Care Physician" Wisconsin Medical Journal (1990) ISSN: 0043-6542
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