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About Robert Stephen Bickerstaff

Steve Bickerstaff is retired after ten years teaching election law at the University of Texas Law School and overseas. He began teaching after serving in state office (including parliamentarian of the Texas senate) and 35 years representing state and local officials primarily in redistricting. In 1980 he founded the law firm of Bickerstaff, Heath and Smiley (now Bickerstaff, Heath, Delgato, Acosta) that grew to 50 attorneys and remains one of the premier election law firms in the nation. Steve is the author of over 25 articles and five books dealing primarily with elections, including Lines in the Sand, about the 2003 congressional redistricting led by former congressman Tom DeLay. Recently Steve was instrumental in bringing an independent citizen redistricting commission to Austin, Texas. His most recent article is Redistricting Commissions for Cities: Redistricting Need Not Be A Quintessentially Political Process.


Present Faculty Member, University of Texas at Austin

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

U.S. and International Election Law

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Honors and Awards

  • University of Texas Presidential Endowment
  • Rockefeller Foundation Grant
  • Fulbright

Contact Information

432-286-6755 (cell)
512-206-0780 (landline)