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The eHealth Behavior Management Model: A Stage-based Approach to Behavior Change and Management
Preventing Chronic Disease
  • Robert J. Bensley, Western Michigan University
  • Nelda Mercer
  • John J. Brusk
  • Ric Underhile
  • Jason Rivas
  • Judith Anderson
  • Deanne Kelleher
  • Melissa Lupella
  • André C. de Jager
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Although the Internet has become an important avenue for disseminating health information, theory-driven strategies for aiding individuals in changing or managing health behaviors are lacking. The eHealth Behavior Management Model combines the Transtheoretical Model, the behavioral intent aspect of the Theory of Planned Behavior, and persuasive communication to assist individuals in negotiating the Web toward stage-specific information. It is here — at the point of stage-specific information — that behavioral intent in moving toward more active stages of change occurs. The eHealth Behavior Management Model is applied in three demonstration projects that focus on behavior management issues: parent-child nutrition education among participants in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children; asthma management among university staff and students; and human immunodeficiency virus prevention among South African women. Preliminary results have found the eHealth Behavior Management Model to be promising as a model for Internet-based behavior change programming. Further application and evaluation among other behavior and disease management issues are needed.
Published Citation
Bensley RJ, Mercer N, Brusk JJ, Underhile R, Rivas J, Anderson J, et al. The ehealth behavior management model: a stage-based approach to behavior change and management. Prev Chronic Dis [serial online] 2004 Oct [date cited]. Available from: URL: 04_0070.htm.
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Robert J. Bensley, Nelda Mercer, John J. Brusk, Ric Underhile, et al.. "The eHealth Behavior Management Model: A Stage-based Approach to Behavior Change and Management" Preventing Chronic Disease Vol. 1 Iss. 4 (2004) p. 1 - 13
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