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Instant Photography in Special Education: A Pre-Stage for Cognitive Growth
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  • Robert Irwin Wolf, The College of New Rochelle
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Art Therapy
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This workshop was designed to explore the relationship between psychoanalytic object relations theory, ego psychology, and creative arts experiences-specifically, the use of instant photography. Participants were shown how this technique has been successfully used with learning disabled youngsters to help them develop specific ego skills which were necessary for their improved school functioning both behaviorally and cognitively. Next, participants were led through an experiential exercise in which they were able to use the instant photo materials. A discussion of some literature on ego psychology and object relations theory helped workshop participants to synthesize what they had learned.
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Wolf, R. (1981). Instant Photography in Special Education: A Pre-Stage for Cognitive Growth. In Di Maria, A. (Ed.). Art Therapy: A Bridge Between Worlds. Presented at the Twelfth Annual Conference of The American Art Therapy Association, Liberty, NY, October 22-25 (pp.113). Baltimore, MD: American Art Therapy Association.