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About Robert Irwin Wolf

As a clinical professional, Dr. Robert Irwin Wolf obtained postgraduate training in psychoanalysis from the Parkmore Institute and the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art and Design a Masters in Professional Studies in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute and Doctor of Psychoanalytic Studies from the Parkmore Institute. He also holds New York state licenses in both Psychoanalysis and Creative Art Therapy.
Over the last 39 years, at The College of New Rochelle, Robert has taught courses in fine art, art therapy, sculpting, photography, and phototherapy (the therapeutic use of photography), as well as psychology and psychoanalysis in various other educational settings ranging from graduate to postgraduate training programs. As the College closes in August, 2019, he was promoted to Professor Emeritus of Art Therapy at the College of New Rochelle and has transferred to the College of Mt. St. Vincent, where he will continue as Professor of Graduate Art Therapy. He is also currently the President of the Institute for Expressive Analysis in New York City, and he is on the faculty of several psychoanalytic training institutes.
Wolf has authored numerous articles on art therapy, phototherapy, and the application of various other creative processes within psychoanalytic treatment. His unique style of teaching, which he describes as "Visceral Learning," embraces the student's natural creative ability for insight and use within their educational experience.


Present Professor of Art Therapy, The College of New Rochelle

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