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Building a Framework for Determining the Authenticity of Instructional Tasks Within Teacher Education Programs
STEM Faculty Publications
  • Heidi L. Iverson
  • Mark A. Lewis
  • Robert M. Talbot, III, University of Colorado Denver
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We propose a framework for evaluating the degree of authenticity of instructional tasks used within a teacher education program. First, we provide a defense for authenticity as an exemplary aspect of education. Second, we synthesize the theoretical literature on authenticity into conceptual codes. Using these codes, we build our authenticity framework around five criteria: the instructional task (1) is routinely performed by teachers, (2) involves students in a classroom, (3) promotes knowledge of practice, (4) involves self-reflection, and (5) serves formative purposes. We then discuss potential applications of our framework for the individual teacher educator and for program evaluation.
Citation Information
Iverson, H.L., Lewis, M.A., & Talbot, R.M. (2008). Building a framework for determining authenticity of instructional tasks within teacher education programs. Teaching and Teacher Education, 24(2), 290-302.