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Enriching undergraduate experiences with outreach in school STEM clubs
accepted for publication in Journal of College Science Teaching (2017)
  • Michael Ferrara, University of Colorado Denver
  • Robert Talbot, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
  • Hillary Mason
  • Bryan Wee, University of Colorado Denver
  • Ronald Rorrer, University of Colorado Denver
  • Michael Jacobson, University of Colorado Denver
  • Doug Gallagher, University of Colorado Denver
The need for a more robust, well-trained STEM workforce is becoming increasingly acute in the U.S., and there is a clear need to recruit and retain a larger and more diverse population of undergraduate STEM majors. While numerous efforts to improve engagement and support in the traditional P-16 classroom have been implemented successfully, it is also critical to explore other types of activities that have potential for high impact. The STEM Club Leadership for Undergraduate STEM Education, Recruiting and Success (STEM-CLUSTERS) project at our large public research university in the Mountain West presents an outreach model to engage undergraduate STEM majors in developing and facilitating activities in local middle and high school STEM clubs. Through case studies, built upon data from reflective journals and semi-structured interviews, the project has identified a number of benefits to the first cohort of participants, which is comprised of eleven undergraduate students operating in interdisciplinary teams across five schools. In this paper we describe the essential elements of our outreach model and suggest benefits related to undergraduates’ content knowledge, metacognition, communication skills, and identity as a future STEM professional.
  • STEM,
  • outreach,
  • undergraduates,
  • school clubs
Publication Date
March 7, 2017
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Michael Ferrara, Robert Talbot, Hillary Mason, Bryan Wee, et al.. "Enriching undergraduate experiences with outreach in school STEM clubs" accepted for publication in Journal of College Science Teaching (2017)
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