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Master Robert
  • Robert L. Stevens, University of Texas at Tyler
Men are creatures of the time in which they live and take their color from the conditions that surround them, as the chameleon does from the grass or leaves in which it hides.—from Master Robert Life is unpredictable. Like a hurricane that descends without warning, it wreaks havoc, destroys fields and property, and brings peril to those in its wake. An event over which we have no control can dramatically affect our lives. Amos and Amelia, surrogate children of Robert Stafford, a wealthy planter from Cumberland Island, Georgia, grow from youth into adulthood during the Civil War. Master Robert is eccentric. He has Northern sympathies yet lives in the South, marries his mulatto slave, sires six children, and creates a “peculiar” society. His slaves have more freedom than those on any plantation in the South. The ominous and precipitous events of the war threaten his plantation and his life. Amos and Amelia, pulled like a riptide into this maelstrom, witness the evacuation of Fernandina, the largest naval invasion in US history, the burning of Master Robert’s cotton shed, carry a message to a blockade runner, celebrate Jonkonnu, a slave holiday, and grieve at their mother’s funeral. Master Robert captures the life and spirit of plantation society during the Civil War.
Publication Date
April, 2017
AuthorHouse, previously published by Tate Publishing LLC (2013).
Publisher Statement
2014 First Place Civil War Historical Fiction, Texas Association of Authors.
Citation Information
Robert L. Stevens. Master Robert. (2017)
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