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Bioethics: Health Case Law and Ethics
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  • Robert Schwartz, University of New Mexico - Main Campus
  • Barry R. Furrow
  • Sandra H. Johnson
  • Timothy Stoltzfus Jost
  • Thomas L. Greaney

This book provides a rich body of materials for courses in bioethics and law. Primary legal sources, including judicial opinions, statutes, regulations and institutional policies, will give students insight into the strategies used by courts, legislatures, agencies and health care providers in addressing bioethics issues. The book also draws from interdisciplinary research in medicine, ethics, and law to provide students diverse critiques of legal and public policy issues in bioethics. Materials in this text are tightly edited and designed to create high quality and focused classroom discussion, and, the text includes classroom tested problems that will engage students more deeply on each issue.

Bioethics: Health Care Law and Ethics begins with accessible introductory material on how to do ethics analysis. It then provides separate chapters on Reproduction and Birth (including current issues relating to abortion and contraception and issues related to assisted reproductive technologies); Legal, Social, and Ethical Issues in Genetics; Life and Death Decision-making; Regulation of Research Involving Human Subjects; Distributive Justice and Organ Transplantation; and Current Controversies in Public Health (including issues related to immunization practice).

Publication Date
West (Thomson Reuters): American Casebook Series
  • Caselaw,
  • Medical Genetics

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Robert Schwartz, Barry R. Furrow, Sandra H. Johnson, Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, et al.. Bioethics: Health Case Law and Ethics. St. Paul(1991)
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