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Copper(I) thiocyanate networks with aliphatic sulfide ligands
  • Gerardo Ayala, College of William and Mary
  • Robert D Pike, College of William and Mary
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A total of five new CuSCN-L compounds with alkyl sulfide ligands, L = methyl sulfide (Me2S), ethyl sulfide (Et2S); isopropyl sulfide ((Pr2S)-S-i) or tetrahydrothiophene (THT) have been prepared and characterized. X-ray crystal structures for four of the compounds were obtained. Two compounds were collected from solutions of CuSCN in Me2S: {[Cu(SCN)(Me2S)(2)]}(n) (1a) in the form of colorless blocks and (CuSCN)(Me2S) (1b) as a white powder. Neat mixtures of CuSCN in the other alkyl sulfide ligands yielded only one product each: {[Cu(SCN)(Et2S]}(n). (2); {[Cu(SCN)((Pr2S)-S-i)])(n). (3); and fiCu(SCN)(THT)(2)]}(n) (4). Crystals of 2 and 4 underwent destructive phase changes at lower temperatures. Two networks types were observed: 1:2 decorated 1-D chains (la and 4) and 1:2 decorated 1-D ladders (2 and 3). Further network formation through bridging of the organic sulfide ligands was not observed. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Gerardo Ayala and Robert D Pike. "Copper(I) thiocyanate networks with aliphatic sulfide ligands" POLYHEDRON Vol. 115 (2017)
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