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iOS hardware as a sensor platform: DMM case study
2011 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (2011)
  • Daniel Brateris
  • Dwight Bedford, Rowan University
  • David Calhoun, Rowan University
  • Aaron Johnson, Rowan University
  • Nickolas Kowalski, Rowan University
  • Kelli Martino, Rowan University
  • Thomas Mukalian, Rowan University
  • Justin Reda, Rowan University
  • Anthony Samaritano, Rowan University
  • Robert R. Krchnavek, Rowan University
iOS is Apple's mobile operating system and is presently used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The hardware platforms associated with the iOS operating system provide a powerful platform for sensor applications. In this paper, we provide a case study on the development of a digital multimeter (DMM) using an iPod Touch. The DMM case study addresses the major subsystems (hardware, software, and firmware) of a typical sensor platform and specific advantages of implementation using an iOS device.
Publication Date
February 22, 2011
San Antonio, TX, USA
Citation Information
Daniel Brateris, Dwight Bedford, David Calhoun, Aaron Johnson, et al.. "iOS hardware as a sensor platform: DMM case study" 2011 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (2011)
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