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Use of Silver-Containing Layers at Implant Surfaces
  • Robert Ostrum, Rowan University
  • Jeffrey Hettinger, Rowan University
  • Robert Krchnavek, Rowan University
  • Gregory A. Caputo, Rowan University
The disclosure relates to coatings that contain silver, either in the form of metallic silver, silver oxides, salts of silver, or combinations of these. The silver is present in a microparticulate or nanoparticulate form, which exerts antimicrobial activity when bacteria (e.g., in a body fluid) contact the coated surface. The coatings are applied through accumulation of silver-containing particles on the surface, such as by sputtering or electron beam vapor deposition. As a result, their thickness, particle size, and density can be controlled. Furthermore, the surface can also be coated with other substances, such as diamond-like carbon or alumina, either as a discrete layer or intermixed with the silver-containing particles.

Publication Date
December 26, 2013
Patent US20130344123 A1 - published 12/26/2013
Citation Information
Robert Ostrum, Jeffrey Hettinger, Robert Krchnavek and Gregory A. Caputo. "Use of Silver-Containing Layers at Implant Surfaces" (2013)
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