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Veganism as an Aspiration
Dietary Choice and Foods of Animal Origin
  • Lori Gruen
  • Robert C. Jones
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Book Chapter
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iven the violence, objectification, domination, commodification, and oppression inherent in industrialized food production, some conscientious consumers have adopted vegan practices. This chapter discusses two conceptions of veganism, lifestyle/identity veganism, VI, and veganism as a goal/aspiration, VA. It argues that due to conceptual and practical flaws with VI, conscientious consumers should adopt VA. It considers and rejects the so-called compassionate carnivore movement. It then explores arguments denying the casual efficacy of adopting any form of veganism. It concludes that VA can make a difference, and those in consumer cultures are obligated to adopt and practice it.
Citation Information
Gruen, L., & Jones, R. (2015). Veganism as an Aspiration. In The Moral Complexities of Eating Meat. : Oxford University Press.