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A robust-resistant spatial analysis of soil water infiltration
Water Resources Research
  • N. A. C. Cressie, Iowa State University
  • R. Horton, Iowa State University
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Data taken at adjacent spatial locations often exhibit correlation which must be taken into account in their analysis. Geostatistical methods, originally developed for the mining industry, have proven to be adaptable to hydrological problems. This paper concentrates on estimating the spatial correlations between soil water infiltration observations, with special emphasis on resistant methods to remove nonstationarity. After this removal, robust semivariogram estimators are used to examine the spatial dependencies for various tillage treatments. There is some indication that infiltration characteristics inherit different types of spatial dependency, depending on the tillage treatment applied.


This article is published as Cressie, N. A. C., and R. Horton. "A robust‐resistant spatial analysis of soil water infiltration." Water Resources Research23, no. 5 (1987): 911-917. doi: 10.1029/WR023i005p00911. Posted with permission.

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N. A. C. Cressie and R. Horton. "A robust-resistant spatial analysis of soil water infiltration" Water Resources Research Vol. 23 Iss. 5 (1987) p. 911 - 917
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