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Why Law Teachers Should Teach Undergraduates
Journal of Legal Education (1991)
  • Robert A. Hillman
For many years, members of the law school faculty at Cornell have taught an introduction to law course that is offered by the government department in the College of Arts and Sciences. The course has surveyed law in general, structured thematically around what law is and what law can and cannot do. Although its teachers have used law school pedagogic techniques in the undergraduate setting, they certainly have not intended the course to be a prelaw practice run. In short, the course--The Nature, Functions, and Limits of Law--is a general education course about law. Our experience leads us to believe that law teachers should teach undergraduate courses on law.
  • Undergraduate legal instruction
Publication Date
January, 1991
Citation Information
Robert A. Hillman. "Why Law Teachers Should Teach Undergraduates" Journal of Legal Education Vol. 41 Iss. 2 (1991) p. 289
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