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Maybe Dick Speidel Was Right about Court Adjustment
San Diego Law Review (2009)
  • Robert A. Hillman
In a symposium to honor Professor Richard Speidel, a giant in the field of contract and commercial law for over four decades, this contribution argues that Speidel may have been correct in asserting that, in limited circumstances, court adjustment of disrupted long-term contracts makes sense. I assert that nothing courts have decided or writers have analyzed since the ALCOA case proves that court adjustment is wrong-headed. But, as with so many policy issues, we may never identify the "best" judicial approach to disrupted long-term contracts because resolution depends on too many variables and unknowns.
  • Richard Speidel,
  • Long-term supply contracts,
  • Court adjustment,
  • Aluminum Co. of America v. Essex Group,
  • Inc.,
Publication Date
August, 2009
Citation Information
Robert A. Hillman. "Maybe Dick Speidel Was Right about Court Adjustment" San Diego Law Review Vol. 46 Iss. 3 (2009) p. 595
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