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MMC 6402 Theories of Mass Communication
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  • Robert E Gutsche, Jr., School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University
Journalism and Mass Communication
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MMC 6402
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This class is built around two areas: Communication Theory and Cultural Theory as they apply to strategic communication of messages to specific audiences and with the intent of introducing students to academic research and application to the profession through community engagement. This class is heavy on writing, interacting with each other, and reading. Time management is a must. Readings will come from the books below, but each week may be supplemented with an example scholarly article that will provide recent information about the topics at hand and will guide students on how to prepare their own academic research paper at the end of the class. This class is also project-based and is aligned with, which is a grant-funded project related to sea level rise at SJMC. Furthermore, students in this course may find themselves grouped with SJMC undergraduates and MAST @ FIU high school students, as those in this course plan and measure messages associated with the project. The purpose of this project is to conduct research to guide an advertising and social marketing campaign to increase awareness about sea level rise in South Florida and change related behaviors. The work will be grounded in theories examined in the course.
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Robert E Gutsche. "MMC 6402 Theories of Mass Communication" (2015)
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