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JOU 4341C Senior Multimedia Project
Course Syllabi
  • Robert E Gutsche, Jr., School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Florida International University
Journalism and Mass Communication
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JOU 4341C
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Students will use this course to collaborate with community members, faculty, and other students in setting an editorial agenda for the Eyes on the Rise project. Students will also create original content that will be considered for publication with media partners and on the forthcoming project website, From this experience, students will experience the basics of community journalism, media management, and will express their knowledge about media through assessment, interaction, and production. Because this is the final class for the major, students are expected to treat the course as a job. Students should also be aware of the minimum grade required at the completion of this course for the course to count toward their respective programs. Finally, because this course is packed into a summer semester, students are expected to spend time outside of the classroom conducting interviews, reporting, and producing material. Quizzes in class will assess how well students are dissecting the reading material, relating the material to the course, to class lessons and discussions, to their own reporting, and to what they view in media.

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Robert E Gutsche. "JOU 4341C Senior Multimedia Project" (2014)
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