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The Power of Posture
Hardin-Simmons University Lunch and Learn (2016)
  • Robert Friberg, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
At the conclusion of this program, the learner will be able to....
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the biomechanic and neuromechanic components of static and dynamic posture.
  2. Analyze static and dynamic posture from a biomechanical and neuromechanical perspective.
  3. Differentiate biomechanical and neuromechanical postural dysfunction.
  4. Create a physical therapy intervention to address the biomechanic and neuromechanic dysfunctions associated with static and dynamic posture
Publication Date
January, 2016
Abilene, TX
Citation Information
Robert Friberg. "The Power of Posture" Hardin-Simmons University Lunch and Learn (2016)
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