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The Crossroads Project visits Studio Backstage + Under the Hood
Studio Talks
  • Robert Davies, Utah State University
  • Laura Kaminsky
  • Fry Street Quartet, Fry Street Quartet
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The Digital Studio for Public Arts & Humanities joined forces with the UI String Quartet Residency Program to host an event seeking to provide insight on how an interdisciplinary music/science/public policy performance piece known as "The Crossroads Project" came together and continues to influence the minds and hearts of audiences around the country.

Featuring Dr. Robert Davies, Laura Kaminsky, and the Fry Street Quartet: Robert Waters, Rebecca McFaul, Anne Francis Bayless, and Bradley Ottesen.

Visit The Crossroads Project website here:

View the social media story here:

  • performance art,
  • climate change,
  • music,
  • visual art,
  • public policty
Copyright © 2014 Robert Davies, Laura Kaminsky, Fry Street Quartet
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Robert Davies, Laura Kaminsky and Fry Street Quartet. "The Crossroads Project visits Studio Backstage + Under the Hood" (2014)
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