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Making Student Sharing More Natural Using Google Docs, Folders & Forms
EdTech Day
  • Roben Torosyan, Bridgewater State University
Moakley Auditorium
Start Time
15-8-2013 2:40 PM
End Time
15-8-2013 3:30 PM
It can be challenging to use many tools for many purposes ourselves as professors.It can be just as hard if not more so to get our students to use them too. Using Google Docs, we can get students literally on the same virtual page with us. And they can give anonymous, public feedback about what we teach, or how. Google Folders make material sharing easy. And Google Forms lets you survey what students know, see what they can do, get open-ended feedback on-the-spot, make feedback instantly visible, clarify misconceptions, and change track as necessary just in time. Whether you bring a computer or not, come see how to create your own simple questionnaires and live activities using these free and simple apps.
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Roben Torosyan. "Making Student Sharing More Natural Using Google Docs, Folders & Forms" (2013)
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