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Writing Narratives and Preparing Portfolios
CARS May Celebrations
  • Lydia Burak, Bridgewater State University
  • Roben Torosyan, Bridgewater State University
  • Marcia Dinneen, Bridgewater State University
  • Karen Richardson, Bridgewater State University
  • Robert Sylvester, Bridgewater State University
Hart 115
Start Time
15-5-2014 11:20 AM
End Time
15-5-2014 12:05 PM
Summer may be a good time to think about your personnel materials that will be due in the fall. Hints and help for writing teaching philosophies and narratives that address teaching, scholarship, and services will be offered by a panel of faculty and librarians who've both submitted and reviewed successful portfolios.

Moderator: Dr. Martina Arndt

Citation Information
Lydia Burak, Roben Torosyan, Marcia Dinneen, Karen Richardson, et al.. "Writing Narratives and Preparing Portfolios" (2014)
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