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Communication Activism: Vol. 1, Communication for Social Change
Communication Faculty Book Gallery
  • Lawrence R. Frey
  • Kevin M. Carragee
  • Robbin D. Crabtree, Fairfield University
  • Leigh Arden Ford

Co-Editors: Lawrence R. Frey and Kevin M. Carragee

Co-Contributors: Robbin D. Crabtree, and L.A. Ford

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Book Contribution
Robbin Crabtree is a contributing author, Chapter 6. Book description: The need for communication scholars to engage in direct vigorous action in support of needed social change has never been more apparent and important, for there is no shortage of social issues and problems that demand attention. In short, communication scholars need to engage in "communication activism." The two volumes showcase how scholars have engaged in communication activism to assist individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to secure social reform. Volume 1 presents research studies that promote public dialogue, debate, and discussion and that demonstrate how communication consulting can be used to accomplish needed social change. Together the two texts demonstrate the significant effects that communication scholars, working from many different theoretical and methodological traditions within the discipline, can have on promoting social change, especially for those who are most marginalized, when they engage in communication activism. – Publisher Description
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Crabtree, R. D., & Ford, L. A. (2006). Community Activist and/or Communication Consultant: Managing the Dialectics of Outsider-Within Status at a Sexual Assault Recovery Services Center. In L. Frey and K. Carragee (Eds.), Communication Activism: Vol. 1, Communication for Social Change (pp. 235-271). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton.

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Lawrence R. Frey, Kevin M. Carragee, Robbin D. Crabtree and Leigh Arden Ford. "Communication Activism: Vol. 1, Communication for Social Change" (2006)
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