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The Effects of Economic Development Strategies in Local Municipalities
Perspectives in Public Affairs (2010)
  • Robbie Waters Robichau
Previous studies have found that one main goal of economic development is to lower unemployment rates. Researchers frequently consider economic planning as a top-down versus bottom-up approach; yet, at the local level, it is common to find that cities are not engaging in formally planned economic development activities. The extent to which strategic planning is leading to higher employment rates remains to be seen at the local level. This paper will use survey data from the International City/Council Management Association on economic development taken in 1999 and 2004 to examine whether municipalities who are engaging in formal economic development planning are producing better economic outcomes for their communities than those who are not taking part in these activities. A panel data set will be employed to study how cities and counties from across the nation use development planning to improve economic viability in their communities.
  • Economic development strategies,
  • Local Municipalities,
  • Economic planning
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Robbie Waters Robichau. "The Effects of Economic Development Strategies in Local Municipalities" Perspectives in Public Affairs Vol. 7 (2010) p. 26 - 41
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