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The history of the soldier's load
Australian army journal (2010)
  • Rob Marc Orr

From the loads carried by the armies of antiquity to today’s modern forces, this article explores and critically analyses soldier load carriage over two millennia. Historical misconceptions appearing in some military documents and literature regarding the context and weight of the soldier’s load are also discussed. The author looks at how, even with changes in logistic practices, technology and the very nature of warfare, the soldier is still a beast of burden and suggests that relying on improved load carriage logistical aides and changes to equipment may not be the answer to this age-old problem.

Publication Date
Winter 2010
Publisher Statement
Published Version.

Orr, R. (2010). The history of the soldier's load. Australian army journal, 7(2), 67-88.

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Reproduced with permission of the Land Warfare Development Centre
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Rob Marc Orr. "The history of the soldier's load" Australian army journal Vol. 7 Iss. 2 (2010)
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