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Phenomenological modelling of first order phase transitions in magnetic systems
Journal of Applied Physics
  • Yevgen Melikhov, Cardiff University
  • Ravi L. Hadimani, Iowa State University
  • Arun Raghunathan, GE India Technology Center
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First order phase transitions may occur in several magnetic systems, with two structural phases having different magnetic properties each and a structural transition between them. Here, a novel physics based phenomenological model of such systems is proposed, in which magnetization is represented by the volumetric amounts of ferromagnetism (described by extended Jiles-Atherton theory) and paramagnetism (described by the Curie-Weiss law) in respective phases. An identification procedure to extract material parameters from experimental data is proposed. The proposed phenomenological approach was successfully applied to magnetocaloric Gd5(Six Ge 1−x)4 system and also has the potential to describe the behavior of Griffiths phase magnetic systems.

The following article appeared in Journal of Applied Physics 115 (2014): 183902 and may be found at

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Yevgen Melikhov, Ravi L. Hadimani and Arun Raghunathan. "Phenomenological modelling of first order phase transitions in magnetic systems" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 115 Iss. 18 (2014) p. 183902
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