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Ferromagnetism of magnetically doped topological insulators in CrxBi2− xTe3 thin films
Journal of Applied Physics
  • Yan Ni, Iowa State University
  • Z. Zhang, Iowa State University
  • Ikenna C. Nlebedim, Iowa State University
  • M. Ravi Hadimani, Iowa State University
  • Gary L. Tuttle, Iowa State University
  • David C. Jiles, Iowa State University
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We investigated the effect of magnetic doping on magnetic and transport properties of Bi2Te3thin films. CrxBi2−xTe3 thin films with x = 0.03, 0.14, and 0.29 were grown epitaxially on mica substrate with low surface roughness (∼0.4 nm). It is found that Cr is an electron acceptor in Bi2Te3 and increases the magnetization of CrxBi2−xTe3. When x = 0.14 and 0.29,ferromagnetism appears in CrxBi2−xTe3 thin films, where anomalous Hall effect and weak localization of magnetoconductance were observed. The Curie temperature, coercivity, and remnant Hall resistance of thin films increase with increasing Cr concentration. The Arrott-Noakes plot demonstrates that the critical mechanism of the ferromagnetism can be described better with 3D-Heisenberg model than with mean field model. Our work may benefit for the practical applications of magnetic topological insulators in spintronics and magnetoelectric devices.

The following article appeared in Journal of Applied Physics 117 (2015): 17C748 and may be found at

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Yan Ni, Z. Zhang, Ikenna C. Nlebedim, M. Ravi Hadimani, et al.. "Ferromagnetism of magnetically doped topological insulators in CrxBi2− xTe3 thin films" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 117 Iss. 17 (2015) p. 17C748
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