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Evolution of Griffith's phase in La0.4Bi0.6Mn1−xTixO3 perovskite oxide
Journal of Applied Physics
  • Vijaylakshmi Dayal, Maharaja Institute of Technology–Mysore
  • Kumar V. Punith, Maharaja Institute of Technology–Mysore
  • Ravi L. Hadimani, Iowa State University
  • David C. Jiles, Iowa State University
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amples of La0.4Bi0.6Mn1−xTixO3 have been prepared and their microstructure, composition, and magnetic properties have been investigated for x = 0.05, 0.1, and 0.5.The deviation in the inverse susceptibility behavior from Curie-Weiss law and increase in susceptibility exponent indicates the evolution of the Griffith's phase in La0.4Bi0.6Mn1−xTixO3 around TC. The presence of Griffith's Phase is inferred due to magnetic frustration with increasing Ti concentration. The deviation between field cooled and zero field cooled magnetization curves is observed in these samples and is attributed to the appearance of the spin glass or cluster glass state that arises due to the magnetic anisotropy.

The following article appeared in Journal of Applied Physics 115 (2014): 17E111 and may be found at

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Vijaylakshmi Dayal, Kumar V. Punith, Ravi L. Hadimani and David C. Jiles. "Evolution of Griffith's phase in La0.4Bi0.6Mn1−xTixO3 perovskite oxide" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 115 Iss. 17 (2014) p. 17E111
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